Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sensory Bins

Having fun with the green and yellow jewels,
shamrocks, green hats, green and yellow shredded paper
Saint Patrick's Day Sensory Bin

Sorting the yellow and green jewels

Pouring the jewels back and forth between the hats

Rocks and Construction trucks, etc.
Construction Sensory Bin

Checking out the truck pictures

Color Sensory Bin

Scoops, assorted colored blocks, and ice cub tray
 Color Sensory Bin

My Mommy got all of my Sensory Bin stuff at
Dollar Tree,  the Target Dollar Deals Section, and Craft Stores

Dumping it all back in!

My Mommy and her friend Sharon started trading and sharing Sensory Bins each week. I look forward every Monday to getting a new Sensory Bin! It's a lot of fun to have new things to play with. I just gave my friends a dinosaur sensory bin complete with  dinosaurs, fake grass, rocks, and a couple dinosaur flash cards. I will have to share that one with you next time!

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  1. Annika loved playing with the rainbow rice at her house today. Her mommy, Sharon is very glad that you like to trade the wonderful bins your mommy has made!