Saturday, March 5, 2011

Birthday Parties!

I'm pretty much the coolest gift ever!
Hangin with the ladies and the Birthday Girl, Elisha

Chattin it up with the Birthday Boy, Carson.
I follow after my parents when it comes to socializing. Parties rock, especially birthdays! Cake, ice cream, playing with toys, and hanging out with friends makes for a great weekend. I attended two 1 year birthday parties within 24 hours. Now that's how to party!

Cannon Beach

The gang!
My first kiss on the beach
Mommy and Daddy were very excited to take me to Cannon Beach, Oregon for my 9 month birthday. We stayed at the Inn at Haystack Rock, which was pretty cool. Our friends Stacy and Cory joined us over the weekend and we had a fun time walking down to Haystack Rock. I really enjoyed going to the beach in Oregon and look forward to summertime so I can play in the sand and put my feet in the water!