Friday, March 29, 2013


 My Great Grandma Nan is very thoughtful and every holiday sends me a special
card in the mail with a gift. Mommy picked up pipe cleaner and beads for me to make her a
special bracelet as a thank you. I had alot of fun making it!
I also made my Great Grandma Nan a Happy Easter card

Finishing up the last touches before going to the post office with Mommy!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Last weekend I saw some neighbor hood boys skateboarding.
 I was fascinated and told them I wanted to skateboard too.
They were nice enough to let me stand on theirs, so I could feel what it was like. I loved it and started crying when Mommy told me we had to go.
The next day I asked Mommy to buy me a skateboard.

She hooked me up with a board ( Thanks Lily! ) and borrowed
a helmet to see if I
liked it as much as I told her I did.

I experienced my first 'owie' shortly after trying it.
After Mommy put a band aid on on my scrape, I was back out on the streets!
Oh, and Mommy has an order into Amazon for some elbow and knee pads...;)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Counting with Easter Eggs

Mommy  announced that I had to find my snack today
by counting and finding plastic Easter Eggs that she hid around the house

She stuffed 15 plastic Easter Eggs with
raisens, goldfish, fruit snacks, and grapes.

I counted each egg that
went into my basket until I reached 15

I then laid them all out and counted again to make sure
I didn't skip any numbers or miss an egg still hiding
I opened up them up one at a time to eat the snacks and then counted with Mommy
each time to see how many full ones I had left and how many empty ones there were

Mommy said she's going to add olives and peanuts next time

Mmmmm, delicious and  a fun counting game!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Pouring Water

I tend to  lose my sippy cups or ask Mommy for water alot....
 so Mommy came up with a solution.
When I am at home, I pour my own water.
She bought me a small glass cup, pitcher, and a tray ( All at Goodwill for under $3) and
then gave me a lesson on how to pour.

Now whenever I am thirsty, I can pour myself water
I am learning to be more independent and I like it!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bellevue Downtown Park

After church today we walked over to the park.
I had a great time playing at the playground, running, and kicking the soccer ball around.
Mommy will be doing some serious scrubbing on my muddy, grass stained khakis!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

First Black Eye

First black eye and hopefully the last.

I wish I could say I was fighting crime or rescuing a princess from an evil dragon, but
I was actually rough housing with Daddy and fell - HARD.
Thankfully Mommy and Daddy provided lots of hugs, kisses, an ice pack,
and a Popsicle to calm me down.
Now I have my first shiner !