Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Saint Patrick Day Activities

Mommy downloaded a free Shamrock printable
from Family Fun 

She then colored, laminated them, and then cut them in half for a matching game!

It was nice to get my mind off things and focus on playing
a new matching game instead!

I  did it!

Next, Mommy created a counting Shamrock game

Not only did we practice counting,
 but it helped me learn the color green!

I like fuzzy green pom poms
And yes, that's me stuffing my face with a cookie!

I did it!!!
It has been a tough several days so Mommy thought it would be a good idea to distract me with some Saint Patrick Day Activities. I had a lot of fun matching and counting with Mommy however I would suggest that if you copy my Mommy's idea that you use card stock instead of computer paper. It will hold up a lot better when rough and tough boys like me play with it!

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  1. His face when he matched all of them is PRICELESS! Look at him so darn pleased with himself! LOVE IT!