Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Magnets and a Baking Sheet

Mommy created an awesome magnet board in my room
using a baking sheet, wood crafts, and magnets
Daddy screwed the baking sheet into the wall and then
Mommy hot glued magnets to the backs of wood crafts
I love anything having to do with trucks, machines, and cars,
so I was thrilled when she chose these!

Mommy got the idea off an awesome website called Pinterest.
If you haven't joined -you should!
My life has gotten even better since my Mommy joined
this virtual pin board.
My favorite!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Power Equipment Store

Sooooo excited to go with Daddy to the  power equipment store!
Checkin out the goods
Tried to convince Daddy to buy some new Stihl equipment
He said no.

Daddy has been working alot of over time this week so I was thrilled when he came
 home early today and announced he was taking me with him to the Power Equipment store. 
I love hanging out with Mommy, but I really needed to be around some testosterone!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Painting Pumpkins

Carving is messy and involves knives so Mommy decided
I should paint my pumpkin instead
Painting with my fingers is more fun
Showing Daddy my painting skills
TaDa! My painted pumpkin!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Farm

Ready to visit The Farm in Snohomish
 for some Pumpkin Picking time!
Helping Daddy push the wheelbarrow
I like this idea better...
Found my Special Pumpkin on my own!
I like having a different pumpkin than everyone else!
It's comfy in here!
I'm a big boy now!
Mommy wore the same clothes as last year so she could recreate
our picture at the Pumpkin Patch last fall
Look below to see my baby picture!
I'm such a baby in this picture.
Ready to leave the Pumpkin Patch and head to
the other activities on The Farm
The Biggest, Best Sensory Bin EVER!!!
Call it a big barn of corn if you'd like. 
Playing in the barn of hay with Daddy!
Getting "Hayed" like crazy. I was no match against Daddy!
Told Daddy I wanted to jump off the bales of hay like the big boys
Not only did I get to jump off the bales of hay,
but Daddy threw me up in the air too!
The other boys didn't get to do that. I am pretty lucky!
Sharing some giggles with Daddy
The Farm has sheep to pet! I decided to give one a hug instead
Off on our adventure to the 12 acre Corn Maze
Saw the Space Needle on our mission
and we crossed a HUGE bridge  
We completed the Corn Maze thanks to Daddy's great navigational skills
The Farm is a Hoffman family tradition
Looking forward to going again next fall!!
Signing out -Peace!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Water Play

Mommy taking me over to the water park
This water park was sprayed
water up from the ground when I wasn't looking
My 'alarmed' look after I was sprayed in the face
Decided playing at the playground was more fun...
Joined my friend Jolee, making music together
What a fun day!
You are probably thinking....water play and shorts in October?! What's my Mommy thinking?! These pictures were actually taken in September when we had that hot spell. My days have been quite busy lately so I haven't had much time to upload photos and blog. Hopefully will get back on track soon!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Puyallup Fair

This goat had such funny ears. I couldn't stop laughing.
Tried to give it a kiss. It was so cute.
I told Daddy I was tired of looking at horse ass.
They all look the same....see?!
Learned how to pet little animals gently
Hugged my first sheep!
Mommy laughed out loud when she saw this,
so I had to post it.
This cow and I had a staring contest. No joke.
I don't know cow language, but it kept mooing like crazy at me

On my way home from the fair
I fell fast asleep while looking at my farm animal book.
The Puyallup fair was awesome and I can't wait to go again!