Friday, January 11, 2013

Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Why am I crying you might ask....?
Let me tell you my Christmas Tree story....

We discovered a new Christmas Tree Farm called Coates.
Mommy and Daddy were thrilled with the prices, free hay rides,
hot chocolate, cider,  and Santa handing out candy canes, etc.
I was especially excited to help pick out our Christmas Tree..

I found the perfect one, but Mommy and Daddy said "No".
Boy, I hate that word.

We decided on this one instead and I have to admit,
it was pretty cool.
Much bigger and better!

Daddy asked me to be his helper

I was all for it until it dawned on me ...
 Daddy was using a saw and saws give Bad Owies

I started thinking about that poor Christmas tree

and then I saw our Christmas Tree fall down and go,

I burst into tears because our Christmas tree got a BIG OWIE!!
 I couldn't stop crying and kept saying
"Tree, Owie"
Mommy and Daddy comforted me and told me that the Christmas
Tree wanted to come back to our house to stay for awhile

That made me feel better and so I helped Daddy load it up

We pulled it back to our car
using my strong muscles!

And before we left, I made sure to splash in a few puddles!
Here is the place to go if you want to visit
Coates Christmas Tree Farm next year!

Friday, January 4, 2013


When I was little I wanted to be Superman
As I got older, I decided Spiderman was cooler until.... 

- 2013 -
along came Super G !!!
( aka Gideon or Dad's Stuntman )