Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snowflake Lane

Live drumming  toy soldier

Sitting on Daddy's shoulders and watching the toy soldier drum

Several of the SnowFlake Lane Characters
 We  visited Snowflake Lane, which is a nightly display along the sidewalks of Bellevue Way and NE 8th. The street was full of dazzling lights, music, dramatic drumming from live toy soldiers and magical snow! The place was super packed and Mommy and Daddy were concerned we wouldn't get a good spot to see everything. To our surprise, the  Snow Queen and King, Sugar Plum Fairies, Mice, and the Toy Soldiers came outside the door that we were standing by. They walked right by us! I couldn't keep my eyes off the drumming  toy soldiers. They were so cool. Maybe one day I can take drumming lessons!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas with the Hoffman Family - 12/17

Petting my new doggie friend Jack while playing with my cousin, Eliza

Trying to give Santa and everyone a hint that I want a puppy...

Aunt Trinity bought me Tramp from the movie, Lady and The Tramp!
 We drove down and stayed with Aunt Jenny and her family for Christmas. It was a lot of fun and I met their dog Jack. I LOVE dogs. I love doggies so much I asked for a puppy for Christmas. I even wore a shirt that said, Xmas List: Puppy. The only person that paid attention to my shirt was Aunt Trinity. She bought me the doggie Tramp from the movie Lady and Tramp! I was very excited, but realized I made a mistake and didn't specify on my Xmas List that I wanted a REAL puppy. Oh well...maybe next year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

First Art Show

Viewing all the fine art

My favorite piece is in the background!

Mommy and I were invited to attend a 20/20 Vision Art Party by our artist friend Candice. Vision featured the work of twenty artists who each created twenty works of original art in a variety of styles and media. The place was hoppin! I enjoyed looking at all the masterpieces and I told Candice that my favorite was her A to Z book piece. I love when people read to me and I thought it would go great in my book collection. Mommy and I were thrilled when Candice gave it to us as a Christmas present!!! I was frustrated though when I found out I couldn't turn the pages and Mommy wouldn't let me chew on it. She explained to me that the A to Z piece is a book, but also art. Since it's art it is to be admired - not touched and eaten. We decided to compromise and instead of adding it to my book collection, we  put it on my bedroom shelf. It is now sitting nicely and "safely" (Mommy's words) in my bedroom next to my ships.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Meeting Santa!

 Santa and me hanging out in his sleigh

 I met Santa for my first time!! It was very exciting. His lady friend put me on Santa's lap and asked me to look at her and smile so she could take a picture. Santa's beard fascinated me so much and he was so friendly I kept turning around to talk to him instead. Santa told Mommy that I was one of his favorite little boys and that he wished all babies were as happy as me. I was pretty thrilled to hear that and decided to give Santa's lady friend a smile afterall.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Mmm...Yummy, lights!
Trying to be sneaky after Mommy said I couldn't help
I got caught!!
Mommy and Daddy call it our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
 Daddy did a great job giving our Christmas tree a makeover! It's a lot shorter and smaller than I was expecting, but I like it. I tried helping put lights on the tree, but they looked so interesting I had to taste them. Mommy was not happy and told me I had to be older to help Daddy. I don't agree. I'm seven months old now! I tried to be sneaky and grab the lights anyway, but Daddy caught me. Bummer.

Monday, November 29, 2010

First "Real" Christmas Tree

Hiking through the snow to find our Christmas Tree

 We found one!

Having fun with Daddy

 Daddy said he found a new hood ornament for our car....

Daddy and Mommy announced yesterday morning that we were going to start a new Christmas tradition and drive up to the mountains and pick out a Christmas tree. No more fake Christmas trees for the Hoffman family! Mommy dressed me in my much too small snow suit. I told her I better get a new one this week or else….We hiked around and it wasn’t long before we found our Christmas tree! Daddy forged through really deep snow to get it. I can’t wait until I can walk and stomp through the snow with him.
Mommy and Daddy decided to stop at the North Bend Outlet mall after we found our tree. As we were driving through the parking lot, they commented that a group of people were laughing and pointing at us. Then, when we parked a guy and his wife started laughing at us too! He gave us a thumbs up and then said, “Way to go on your Christmas tree! Did you go the tree farm and ask them to give you their best one?” Mommy and Daddy jumped out of the car and to their horror, realized that a lot of the needles had flown off while Daddy was driving. Daddy showed me the tree and I was shocked. It was really pathetic looking. They debated on whether they should go get another one and then I heard them mention a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. I’m not sure what that is, but I’m hoping one day I will get to see one! Daddy told me we were going to take the long way home otherwise we wouldn’t have any needles left on the tree. I am teething really bad right now and I let him know I was NOT happy about that decision. We finally made it home and Mommy took me upstairs. Daddy said he was going to stay outside for awhile and give our Christmas tree a makeover. I’m excited to see what it will look like after he‘s done!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Snow

 Laughing at the kids having a snowball fight
 Checking out the snowy view
Having fun in the snow

I've never seen anything like it! Mommy called it snow. The snow was coming down really fast and sticking to the ground. She bundled me into a 6-9 month snow suit and told me we were going to go play in it. The snow suit was a very tight squeeze since I'm growing so fast and wearing 9-12mo clothes now. We went outside and Mommy sat me down in the snow. It was very cold and sticky. We met our neighbor whose kids were having a snow ball fight. It was funny watching the girls squeal when their brother hit them with snowballs. I started laughing. I can't wait till I'm bigger and can have a snowball fight with Mommy and Daddy!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Once Sold Tales Bookstore Outlet

Mommy got all these books for $7 !!!

Mommy's friend Anne told us about a great bookstore in Kent called Once Sold Tales Bookstore Outlet that sells books, CD's, and DVD's by weight and not by price. $1 per pound!!! Mommy LOVES good deals and decided that we should go visit. I've never seen Mommy so giddy! She kept exclaiming that this was the best used bookstore she's ever been too. Mommy and I read together everyday and I was really excited when she picked out more board books for us. My favorite book she picked out was the Touch and Feel Baby Animals.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mad Hatter Party

      I wish I were older and Stacy wasn't taken...
 Talking business and politics with the men
       Fist bump with Uncle Phil

Stacy and Cory ( Mommy and Daddy's close friends ) recently got engaged. Our friends threw them an engagement themed Mad Hatter party, which I had the opportunity to attend. I dressed up in my new suit, which I was very excited about. I got to wear a tie!!! Everybody ooohed and aaahhed over me, which made me a little bit embarrassed since the party was about Stacy and Cory. We took some fun photos tho and the photographer actually caught me being a little bit naughty with Stacy. OopS!


      Lots of dead people live here
 Chillin at the State House
Old South Meeting House. I think it looks kinda funny next to the sky scraper..

The Freedom Trail was a walk back in history and boy was it a walk - for mommy and daddy that is. I had the luxury of sitting back in my stroller and capturing all the sights. We visited the Granary Burial Ground where John Hancock, Robert Paine, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere and the men who died in the Boston Massacre, etc. are buried. It was creepy, but really cool. We also checked out Boston Common, State House,Park Street Church, Kings Chapel, Old South Meeting House, Old State House, Boston Massacre Site, Fanuell Hall, and Paul Revere's House. Mommy and Daddy are troopers. They made all those stops and visits the same day we had to fly back to Seattle!


 One of the many photos my Daddy took with his camera
 My Daddy is a great photographer
The only words I can describe about the visit to Sandwich is....WOW. Daddy took so many pictures I never thought he would come back to the car. It is a very pretty, small old town. And no... we didn't stop and eat a sandwich while we were visiting.

Harvard and Cheers

They filmed a scene from the movie, 'Social Network' at this spot in Harvard
Trying to stay dry under the dumb umbrella
Chilling and staying dry at the Cheers Bar

Today Mommy told me we were going to Boston to walk the Freedom Trail and visit Harvard. She bought us an umbrella while we were there because it was super windy and pouring down rain. It was a dumb umbrella. Everytime the wind blew,  it turned inside out. We got really wet. Daddy had on his expensive shoes and accidentally stepped into two huge puddles while we were walking around Harvard. He was not happy.  Between the gusty wind and pouring rain, Mommy and Daddy decided to cut the day short and hit the bar for lunch. Daddy said we were visiting a well known bar that used to be a set for a famous show called Cheers. I was Cheering when we finally got out of the rain and into a nice dry place!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


First Encounter Beach
Mommy likes to make sure I'm bundled up well
Daddy and Me
I am working on my 'serious' look. What do you think?

We visited First Encounter Beach where the Pilgrims met the Indians for their very first time. I bet they were surprised to see people of different color and culture. Daddy collected sand in a bottle and is adding it to our collection. He says that when I get older and am studying geology ( whatever that is) I can see the sands from different parts of the world.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Mayflower II

I have the habit of losing my socks...

Captains Quarters
Where the cook did all of his cooking for ALL the passengers and crew

We visited Plymouth and toured the Mayflower II. WOW. I can't believe that there were 102 passengers and 18 crew that sailed on that boat back in the day. It was very small and cramped. It is amazing what people will endure for religious freedom.


We drove to Hartford, CT. to visit Yale. I was very impressed. Mommy and Daddy said they would love for me to attend either Yale or Harvard, but ALOT of scholarships would be needed. We visited the University's bookstore and Daddy bought me a Yale pendant. We are going to visit Harvard later this week and take pictures of me holding both.

Rhode Island

We drove to Providence, Rhode Island. There was a lot of construction and a marathon  going on so several roads were shut down. It wasn't as pretty as we expected. After eating lunch at UNO's and taking pictures of the capital, Mommy and Daddy decided to head to CT. I was not very happy when I realized I'd have to sit in my carseat for another couple hours. I let Mommy and Daddy know it.

First Airplane Ride

Today I experienced my first plane ride. It was a rough experience. We arrived early to the airport and everything was running smoothly until mommy went to the bathroom to pump. She forgot her phone and didn't hear the announcement that the plane was boarding early. By the time she got out, everyone had already boarded and there was no room left for our carry ons. Mommy was frazzled and forgot to take my teething gel out of her carry on before the flight attendant checked it. I was NOT a happy camper. Teething toys are a nice distraction, but they don't take away the pain. Thankfully the flight attendant felt sorry for me and my parents and  suggested that mommy and daddy put rum on my gums. She bought them 4 shots!!! A little bit of rum on my gums definitely calmed me down, which was a huge relief to my parents and they were able to relax as well.  About half way during the trip I had a huge blow out. Mommy took me into the bathroom which was super tiny and was changing me when all of the sudden there was a bunch of turbulence. The pilot told  everyone to return to their seats, but mommy was stuck trying to wipe all the poop off my back and take my onesie off. It was a rough ride, literally. Luckily there was tailwind and we arrived in Boston an hour earlier than scheduled.

Costume Party

I was going to be a Lion for Halloween, but my parents told me that we would be on vacation in Cape Cod that day and I couldn't pack my costume. I was bummed. Instead they told me I could wear it to a costume party they were attending. Mommy and Daddy were Seahawks Fans and I dressed in my Lion outfit. My costume was really warm so I ended up taking it off. Thankfully mommy came prepared with a Seahawks onesie for me. I ended up joining my parents as a Mini Seahawks Fan instead.