Thursday, March 1, 2012


Perfect pieces for a mad scientist's experiment

Giving my "crazy scientist" look
while creating my masterpiece...

 My first experiment = portrait of Daddy

Hoffman Family Photo
I think it resembles us quite well, don'tcha think?!

Now for the next "creation"....

 I'm going to experiment with my eyes closed!
Don't get scared,  just trust me....

Daddy and Me!

Now to work on Mommystein...

The 2 Hoffman Family photo portrait
Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen....I need your vote! Which one of my creations do you like better?! Hoffman photo 1 or 2? Whichever one you like best, please tell me. The winning creation will become the profile picture on my Mommy's Facebook account!


  1. All 3 of my kids voted for "Gideon" - because they love how he's small and his tongue is sticking out :)

  2. Rachel changed her mind - she's going with "Sarah"