Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Playing ball!
Knees bent, butt out. Learning how to stay low when dribbling
Practicing' basketball looks' for my basketball card photo one day!
Mommy thought it was time to introduce me to basketball....I reminded her I'm only 1, but she said it's good to start early. She was addicted to playing when she was younger and wants/hopes that I will have the same passion as she did back in the day - minus the addicted part. I learned how to dribble and pass and Daddy put me on his shoulders so I could try shooting the basketball into the hoop. The basketball was pretty big and heavy so it was difficult for me. I ended up dropping it on his head instead. I got a good workout though and made Mommy proud!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Having my first picnic with one of my favorite girl friends, Madison 

She likes my hat!

Mommy's lunch looks more interesting than mine...

Mommy kept directing me to the toys, but my favorite thing at the park was the trash bin. 
I experienced my first picnic with my great friend, Maddie! We had lots of fun playing at Les Gove Park. We  shared our lunches with each other and I tried tofu for my first time too! We chatted about life as babies and went for a sweet ride in our strollers around the track. Les Gove Park had really cool  learning toys and structures, however I was more fascinated by the garbage can. I kept going back to it and trying to stick my fingers through the holes, which Mommy did NOT like.


Attempting to step off the pavement and into the play area
Grandma helping me up after my tumble
Dirt stuck to my head after my fall

I love throwing dirt and bark chips
I started taking my first steps when I was about eleven months old and started officially walking a week before my first birthday. I wish I knew about walking before... It's so much easier and I can get away from Mommy and Daddy a lot faster! I haven't grasped the total concept regarding hills, edges, and ledges and tend to lose my balance. Just recently I fell into a dirt pit at the park while making my way over to the slide. Gonna have to work on that...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nautical Birthday Party

Nautical cupcakes
Photos of me from birth to 1 year

Treasure chest goodie boxes to pass out to all my friends

message-in-a- bottle:
Friends and family wrote me notes and put them in a bottle so I can read them when I get older

My birthday gifts

Mommy put my favorite goldfish crackers in a pail for friends and family
 to scoop out and munch on.
She also had Swedish Fish in containers for a sweet touch.
Crabby cookies!

My cousin Eliza and I hanging out in my Nautical Birthday Boat!
Daddy made me an awesome sail boat for my birthday!!

Water play with some of my girl friends. 

Enjoying my yummy birthday cupcake!
I turned a big 1 years old, May 6th!  Mommy loves planning parties and decided to throw a Nautical themed party to celebrate my first birthday. 45+ people showed up at Sulzbach Island (Grandma and Grandpa's house). It was a fun filled day complete with a sailboat, water table, treasure chest goodie bags, and best of all - friends and family!  

Friday, May 13, 2011

Piano Lessons

Playing the piano

Playing each individual key

I also like to pound the keys!
My grandma is a piano teacher and ever since I learned how to sit on my own, she's been teaching me how to play. Whenever I go to her house she gives me a lesson. I currently enjoy playing each key individually and going down the scale. Mommy and Daddy are impressed with my abilities. I hope to play a sonata when I get bigger!