Saturday, March 10, 2012


Feeding horses for my first time!
I was a little nervous but my friend Payton
showed me how!

Mommy helped me lay my hand flat so the horse
would eat my carrot

Look, there's another horse!

I fed the second horse a pear

We fed a goat next!

Hi Chickens!

Here is some food for you too!
Checking out the geese

Payton and I touching bugs on the slide!

Taking turns


Look at the view
If you look closely you can see Mt. Rainier!

Payton had boots on and started jumping
around in the lake

I wanted to have fun too
so I walked right in with my socks and shoes
before Mommy could catch me!
 This week Mommy did a farm theme for me complete with farm puzzles, books, and a trip to my friend Payton's house. We walked around her neighborhood and got to visit and feed several farm animals. Afterwards we walked down to the lake and played on the swing set.  Mommy misplaced my rain boots so I made an executive decision to run into the lake with my socks and shoes on before Mommy could catch me. I'm a fast one!

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