Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Car Shirt

Mommy created a car track out of Sharpie Markers and Daddy's old shirt!

Mommy even added a fire station!

Daddy liked the shirt too because
he got a mini massage!

I love car tracks!
Daddy was getting rid of some old T shirts so Mommy decided to get creative and draw a car track on the back of one. She saw a similar idea on Pinterest that used paint, but she decided to use Sharpie markers instead. Not only did I get a new race track but Daddy got a mini massage!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Moon Sand AKA Cloud Dough

Moon Sand
( the stuff at hands on museums)
It feels like flour when you run your hands
through it, but it's moldable!

Directions on how to make it are below

Word of Advice?!?!

Don't try to eat it!!!

It's a great sensory activity
I even pretended it was sand!

Directions for Moon Sand AKA Cloud Dough: Mix 4 cups flour and 1 cup of baby oil. My mommy used lavender baby oil instead, which made our hands and my feet smell wonderful!!

Balloon Birthday Wake Up Call

I woke up to streamers
outside my bedroom

and balloons

Mommy and Daddy surprised me
the morning of my birthday
with a Birthday Gauntlet!

I had so much fun running through the hallway

tackling the streamers

and then hitting and dodging the balloons
It was a great way to start off my first day as a big 2 year old!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, Daddy came over and helped me make
an egg omlette for Mommy!

Daddy also helped me fry up some bacon and then we
served Mommy breakfast in bed!

I gave her hugs

and lots of kisses!

Mommy and Me

After church we went to the park together as a family

I was fascinated by the ducks and followed them everywhere

They kept coming up to me and quacking

I wanted to jump in the water with them, but Mommy wouldn't let me

I think these ducks were in love...they wouldn't stop following each other!
I hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day
and gave your Mommy lots of loves too!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Red Robin Birthday

Mommy and Daddy surprised me with a birthday dinner
at Red Robin and then they had the waitresses sing me
 Happy Birthday!

I was thrilled when the waitress gave me my own
mug of ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and whip cream!!

The only time I stopped smiling was to eat

boy, oh boy was it good!

I didn't go easy on the scoops either

I didn't know if my mouth was big enough for this scoop...

but it was!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Messy Faces

Mommy gave me black berries
and while she wasn't looking
I decided to  use them as face paint

I was pretty proud of my artwork

In this pic I was eating a chocolate cookie  in the car.
It was melting  and I had chocolate all over my hands,
so Mommy told me to lick my hands....

I listened to her.

it ended up all over my face and carseat

I tried my first ice cream sandwich
I wasn't a fan, but I did enjoy smooshing it up
and making a mess.
Hug Anyone?!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Construction Birthday Party

Caution: Get ready to check out some awesome pics of my
Construction themed 2nd  Birthday Party.
Hard Hats Advised!

Before my birthday guests could enter
  they hat to put on hard hats!

This permit allowed for birthday fun to commence.
All those on site were required to wear a smile and have a great time!

Mommy hung caution tape up in the entryway

The birthday party table

I turned 2!

Mommy had a big cardboard house for
me and my friends to play in 

She also had lots of cardboard boxes for us to stack and knock down!

The Party Area!
The Necessities!
Equipment & Supplies

Nuts &Bolts, Spare Parts and Wrecking Balls

Reeses's Building Pieces
Pebbles = Chocolate Covered Raisins

Spare Tires = Chocolate Covered Donuts

Dynamite Juice = Juice Boxes, Orange Capri Suns
 Foundations = Graham Crackers

Dirt Cups = Chocolate Pudding, Crushed Oreos, and Gummy Worms

Some more activities to keep us entertained,
sand table and work benches

It rained really hard the night before,
so Mommy decided to block off
the wet grass with Construction Signs and Caution Tape

Lots of trucks to play with inside and outside 

The work bench Daddy made for me!

I loved the construction food Mommy
picked out for my birthday party

I couldn't get enough of the "Spare Parts"
(peach gummy rings)

they were so good....

I couldn't stop eating them!

I tried convincing my friend Chael to have one too...
but he preferred the Reese's Building Pieces

Giving Mommy a great big hug!
Mommy hanging out with some of her friends!
Amanda, Kristine, and Megan

Snack time with some of my best buddies!

Had to grab another peach gummy ring!


My Construction Birthday Cake

Mommy's friend Tabi Furnare made this - She is AMAZING!

Everyone sang me Happy Birthday

It made me so happy, I couldn't stop smiling!

Eating a Dirt Cup

Sugar Overload!

Opening presents
My friends Payton and Ally bought
me a Semi Truck Car Carrier with cars!!
I liked it so much I wanted to play with it right away.
Mommy ended up hiding it so I would focus on opening the rest of my gifts

Eric Carle book
I like to hug things that I like....including this book!

Brown lunch bags held the favors

Inside the lunch bags were tools,
construction stickers, and a  Home Depot work apron!
My buddy Carson!

Maddie playing with a dump truck

My girlfriends Maddie and Ella dancing with caution tape
They are very resourceful!

Mommy and Meeeeee!
Thanks for sharing in my Special Day!

Mommy spent alot of time planning and researching ideas for my Construction Themed Party. In case you wanted to throw a Construction party too, I asked my Mommy to list where she purchased her items to help save you time!

1. She came across a great artist named Kelli Anderson on Etsy and purchased a DIY Printable FULL Construction Party Pack: . It's really awesome and comes with lots of extras including invitations AND thank you notes!

2. For the hats, big construction signs, and caution tape: Amazon

3. For the food name tags and cake: Mommy's friends' Allison Hurst and Tabi Furnare helped out!

4. For the food ideas: Pinterest!

5. For party favors and food: Dollar Tree and Winco