Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Lemon

Mommy thought it would be a 'great idea' to give me a lemon to suck on....
While we were in Cannon Beach, OR. celebrating my 9 month birthday we went to dinner at a very nice restaurant called The Wayfarer. While we were eating, a family came in with three loud and obnoxious kids. They made a lot of noise and upset several patrons. A couple nearby got up to leave and on their way out  stopped by our table. The lady told Mommy and Daddy that they were  very impressed by my behavior and appreciated me not interuppting their dinner like the other kids. They also said I was a very good boy. That made Mommy happy so she gave me a bite of icecream. That was yummy! She also got the 'great idea' to give me a lemon to suck on.....Wowie Kazowie, that was SOUR!

Monday, February 7, 2011

New Years Party

How you doin?!

We are just talking, I promise!
But I thought we could at least kiss to ring in the New Year? Everyone else does it!
 When Mommy and Daddy told me we'd be spending the night at the Peppers house for New Years I was very excited. I asked Mommy to put me in a new shirt because I was going  to party with Madison. She put me in a shirt that said, " Flirt in Training".  Since my intentions were obvious, I thought I'd give flirting a try. Madison and I had a lot of fun and ended up ringing in the New Year together. Mommy let me stay up until almost 9pm!!

Busy Bee in January

My two new teeth!
I can't believe it's already February! I kept Mommy and Daddy very busy in January, which is why I didn't write at all last month. In January I had my second tooth come in. It was very painful. Mommy said she thought someone kidnapped me and replaced me with a monster! I started crawling backwards first and then two weeks later started crawling forwards. I love exploring and am into EVERYTHING! I also learned how to pull myself up on just about everything, including my crib rails....I was pretty proud of myself until I realized I didn't know how to go from standing to sitting. My frustrations wore Mommy and Daddy out and they eventually stopped coming in to help me. I quickly learned that fussing doesn't get me anywhere and I eventually figured  out how to go from standing to sitting on my own. I tricked mommy into thinking MAMA would be my first word by saying it to her once. She was super excited and then I surprised her with saying DADA repeatedly. It's now 'official' that DADA is my first word. My second word though has become MAMA, which Mommy is very happy about.