Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Being ME

Being ME

Thought you would enjoy reading about what I've been up too lately from some of the Facebook
statuses my Mommy has posted....
Here are the Top 10 from the last 3 months!

1. Today at the library:
Me: Hi, I need to pay for this damaged children's board book
Librarian: Ok, what happened to it?
Me: My son marked his territory on it
Librarian: *pauses ,chuckles, face turns red, apologizes for laughing, and then starts laughing more* "That's a creative way of saying it. I've never heard that one before, but I'm sure it's not the first time." More laughter.
Me. Thank you.

2. We have been playing alot of hide and go seek lately. Today we were headed to a birthday party and I got turned around. When Gideon asked what was wrong, I responded, " I'm trying to find the birthday party. " Next thing I hear from Gideon is,
" Birthday party, where are you?!"

3. In one hour's time, Gideon managed to crash his tricycle, fall into a mud puddle, hit his head on a rock, pee on my mom's couch and then pull his pants down at a McDonalds play center. It's that kind of day today.... On a positive note, I'm thankful for the understanding parents at McD's who saw what happened and said, "All of our kids have done the same thing at one point or another. Don't worry about it. It's OK."

4. I secretly hoped I would never be the mom whose child shoves something up his nose and then gets it stuck, but alas.....it happened - a lovely raisin. After several intense minutes and tears, Gideon is officially raisin nose free. Hopefully, it scared him enough not to do it again...

5. We incorporate choices for Gideon throughout his daily routine. Last night however, I announced that it was time to go to bed (like I normally do) and he responded by holding up two fingers and saying, " Mommy, I need two choices!"

6. You know you are a parent of a boy when you discover hot wheel cars in your sheets, in your purse, in your coat pocket, and of course on the floor. I think my feet are indented with tire marks from all the cars I step on throughout the day.

7. Gideon has taken to calling David by his first name.....Oh boy.

8. Girls may be $ for weddings but boys are $ in medical bills. Fractured his elbow when he fell on the sidewalk while at a full run. 2nd fracture in less than a year on the same arm... On a positive note: Swedish Issaquah ER is awesome!

9. After an afternoon at the park with Gideon, I acquired 5 new gray hairs. My son has no fear and is as fast as lightening. Happy hour is going to start early for me today.

10. I think I just acquired another set of grey hairs on my head...compliments to Gideon for the new highlights.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Monster Truck Show

Before we went to the Monster Truck show I did some drumming
with my friend Caleb
and then went on some rides

Daddy made sure to bring me some handy dandy ear plugs
It was SO LOUD.

I love me some Cotton Candy!!

I watched the fireworks show with Chael
It was super cool.

Daddy bought me an awesome green Monster Truck before we left

and then fed me a ginormeous cookie before bed
Not only did I have an AWESOME time with Daddy,
and my best friends Caleb and Chael, but I also
got to stay up until 11pm!!
It was a great night.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Fractured Elbow

On the same day that Mommy and Daddy surprised me
with this awesome bouncy house for my birthday, I fractured my elbow.
Go figure.
And no, it wasn't due to the bounce house...
I am Super G and run like the Flash.
I'm so fast that I can actually fly for a second -
unfortunately, I haven't nailed my landing yet....

I was not a happy camper when Mommy and Daddy took me to the ER
I HATED it and let everyone know I was terrified.
Thankfully Mommy and Daddy comforted me during my meltdown and
the doctors gave me a red beanie birdie to hold, which calmed my fears.

I adjusted fairly quickly to my splint.
Super G doesn't let a fractured elbow slow him down!

Thankfully though, I only had to wear it for three weeks.
 I am now splint free