Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Number Target Practice

Mommy announced that we were going to play
 a new game today and had me pick out three of my favorite balls.

She  then wrote numbers on paper plates and then taped them to the door.
After she called out a number, I had to find it, say it, and then hit it with a ball!
 She told me she got her idea from the website -
I Can Teach My Child
What games do you play to learn your numbers?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Summer Fun full of Firsts!

This summer was a BUSY one.
It was also full of  fun exciting firsts for me including:
being a ring bearer for my Auntie's wedding

Went to Ocean Shores to visit my Great Grandparents 

Held a Corn Snake

Went boating

Went Inner tubing

Went on my first bike ride with my new Lightening McQueen bike
Accomplished a hardcore hike
Do you see those little dots at the top of the canyon?
They're Horses!
Went camping with Daddy and Opa 
and went fishing!!!
Hope you had a great summer too!