Monday, March 5, 2012

Box Fun

Guess what  I was doing with this box?

Mommy and I were stacking them different
ways to make them taller
We were trying to make them touch the ceiling

Up, please!

Wow, we did it!
Glad my mom is as tall as the jolly Green Giant
After we knocked the boxes down a bajillion times,
Mommy gave me kitchen utensils to use as drum sticks

I had lots of fun drumming on the boxes

Really getting into it!

I had fun listening to the different sounds
when I hit the boxes

Here is a utensil.
You should try it!
The other day I was being a challenge for Mommy. I didn't want to play with any of my toys and  thought it would be more fun to be clingy and whiny. Mommy was going to take these out to the recycling bin but decided to tape them up and use them for stacking blocks. We spent alot of time stacking and knocking them down. She also gave me kitchen utensils to use as drum sticks. I LOVE making noise, so I was very excited to hit all the boxes. It was a nice change from my regular toys and it gave Mommy a break from me hanging on her leg!


  1. Adorable, if I may say so. :) You're a great mommy!

  2. Sarah, I love the ways you LOOK to have fun and interact with Gman. You are an awesome Mom and these are the fabulous memories he's going to carry with him forever!