Monday, November 3, 2014

FIAR - Madeline

This school year, my Mommy chose to do the FIAR (Five In A Row) curriculum that she discovered on Pinterest. I am so glad she chose it, because I am having lots of fun learning through play! Here are some snapshots of my favorite things I did while learning  about  France and "rowing" the book Madeline.

We made Crepes and then spread Nutella and sprinkled powder sugar on them.

Eiffel Tower straw craft

Eiffel Tower snack

We read Madeline every day
along with many other Paris books.
Another favorite of mine that Mommy read was
  A Walk in Paris
We also watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame on Netflix.

I learned about the artist Monet
and recreated my own version
of his famous piece, The Water Lily Pond 

Built the Eiffel Tower out of Legos with help from Mommy and Daddy
French flag and water lily craft

Learned about symmetry 

I had fun challenging Mommy with symmetry.
I created the one on the left and then Mommy had to make it balanced.