Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Snow

 Laughing at the kids having a snowball fight
 Checking out the snowy view
Having fun in the snow

I've never seen anything like it! Mommy called it snow. The snow was coming down really fast and sticking to the ground. She bundled me into a 6-9 month snow suit and told me we were going to go play in it. The snow suit was a very tight squeeze since I'm growing so fast and wearing 9-12mo clothes now. We went outside and Mommy sat me down in the snow. It was very cold and sticky. We met our neighbor whose kids were having a snow ball fight. It was funny watching the girls squeal when their brother hit them with snowballs. I started laughing. I can't wait till I'm bigger and can have a snowball fight with Mommy and Daddy!

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  1. you have a blog! I didn't know this :) How exciting.
    Gideon is so cute. I'm not sure I've ever seen a cuter baby boy. I love his red cheeks and blue eyes in these pictures.