Saturday, November 13, 2010


      Lots of dead people live here
 Chillin at the State House
Old South Meeting House. I think it looks kinda funny next to the sky scraper..

The Freedom Trail was a walk back in history and boy was it a walk - for mommy and daddy that is. I had the luxury of sitting back in my stroller and capturing all the sights. We visited the Granary Burial Ground where John Hancock, Robert Paine, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere and the men who died in the Boston Massacre, etc. are buried. It was creepy, but really cool. We also checked out Boston Common, State House,Park Street Church, Kings Chapel, Old South Meeting House, Old State House, Boston Massacre Site, Fanuell Hall, and Paul Revere's House. Mommy and Daddy are troopers. They made all those stops and visits the same day we had to fly back to Seattle!

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