Monday, November 8, 2010

First Airplane Ride

Today I experienced my first plane ride. It was a rough experience. We arrived early to the airport and everything was running smoothly until mommy went to the bathroom to pump. She forgot her phone and didn't hear the announcement that the plane was boarding early. By the time she got out, everyone had already boarded and there was no room left for our carry ons. Mommy was frazzled and forgot to take my teething gel out of her carry on before the flight attendant checked it. I was NOT a happy camper. Teething toys are a nice distraction, but they don't take away the pain. Thankfully the flight attendant felt sorry for me and my parents and  suggested that mommy and daddy put rum on my gums. She bought them 4 shots!!! A little bit of rum on my gums definitely calmed me down, which was a huge relief to my parents and they were able to relax as well.  About half way during the trip I had a huge blow out. Mommy took me into the bathroom which was super tiny and was changing me when all of the sudden there was a bunch of turbulence. The pilot told  everyone to return to their seats, but mommy was stuck trying to wipe all the poop off my back and take my onesie off. It was a rough ride, literally. Luckily there was tailwind and we arrived in Boston an hour earlier than scheduled.


  1. UGH! Sounds like a rough ride for you three. I bet you were more than glad to land. Hope the return trip went better.

  2. YeS! The ride back was fabulous. The flight attendants gave me lots of attention and said I was the cutest baby boy they'd ever seen. Mommy said I was an angel. The funny thing is we had the same flight attendant as before and this time around she bought 6 shots for mommy and daddy to enjoy!!! I didn't get any this time, but Mommy and Daddy were in heaven... ;)