Saturday, November 13, 2010

Harvard and Cheers

They filmed a scene from the movie, 'Social Network' at this spot in Harvard
Trying to stay dry under the dumb umbrella
Chilling and staying dry at the Cheers Bar

Today Mommy told me we were going to Boston to walk the Freedom Trail and visit Harvard. She bought us an umbrella while we were there because it was super windy and pouring down rain. It was a dumb umbrella. Everytime the wind blew,  it turned inside out. We got really wet. Daddy had on his expensive shoes and accidentally stepped into two huge puddles while we were walking around Harvard. He was not happy.  Between the gusty wind and pouring rain, Mommy and Daddy decided to cut the day short and hit the bar for lunch. Daddy said we were visiting a well known bar that used to be a set for a famous show called Cheers. I was Cheering when we finally got out of the rain and into a nice dry place!

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