Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas with the Hoffman Family - 12/17

Petting my new doggie friend Jack while playing with my cousin, Eliza

Trying to give Santa and everyone a hint that I want a puppy...

Aunt Trinity bought me Tramp from the movie, Lady and The Tramp!
 We drove down and stayed with Aunt Jenny and her family for Christmas. It was a lot of fun and I met their dog Jack. I LOVE dogs. I love doggies so much I asked for a puppy for Christmas. I even wore a shirt that said, Xmas List: Puppy. The only person that paid attention to my shirt was Aunt Trinity. She bought me the doggie Tramp from the movie Lady and Tramp! I was very excited, but realized I made a mistake and didn't specify on my Xmas List that I wanted a REAL puppy. Oh well...maybe next year!

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  1. SO cute! I realized its been way too long since I've spent time with you guys, when I was shocked to see Mr. Gideon sitting up all by himself!