Friday, December 24, 2010

First Art Show

Viewing all the fine art

My favorite piece is in the background!

Mommy and I were invited to attend a 20/20 Vision Art Party by our artist friend Candice. Vision featured the work of twenty artists who each created twenty works of original art in a variety of styles and media. The place was hoppin! I enjoyed looking at all the masterpieces and I told Candice that my favorite was her A to Z book piece. I love when people read to me and I thought it would go great in my book collection. Mommy and I were thrilled when Candice gave it to us as a Christmas present!!! I was frustrated though when I found out I couldn't turn the pages and Mommy wouldn't let me chew on it. She explained to me that the A to Z piece is a book, but also art. Since it's art it is to be admired - not touched and eaten. We decided to compromise and instead of adding it to my book collection, we  put it on my bedroom shelf. It is now sitting nicely and "safely" (Mommy's words) in my bedroom next to my ships.

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