Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Projects

Heart Crayon Valentines
(Directions on how to make are below)

Fingerprint bookmark
( We used free paint chips from Home Depot)

Fingerprint Valentine

Cupid Arrows
( Pretzels and heart gumdrops)

Sprinkled White Chocolate dipped Pretzels!

 I had alot of fun helping Mommy with our Valentine projects. My favorite things were the fingerprint projects. I didn't want to stop and at one point got into Mommy's ink pad when she wasn't looking and fingerprinted the hardwood floor....I went to a Valentine Party yesterday and my Valentine Heart Crayons were a hit. Here are the directions if you would like to make some for yourself. You could even use different molds to make them for other holidays too!
Directions: With a knife, cut an entire slit through all the crayon wrappers ( This is a Mommy or Daddy job) and peel off. Cut up crayons in 1/2 inch segments or smaller and then put in a silicone muffin mold for 16 minutes at 235 degrees. Once melted, pull out and cool down before taking them out of the mold. TaDa!!! It's that simple.

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  1. You are so insanely pinovative. (Like that? I made it up) How awesome are all these ideas!!!!