Monday, February 6, 2012

Sensory Bins

Giggling after I dumped the bin of beans all over the floor

Daddy and I having a chat...

Daddy told me I had to pick them all up myself

Its going to be a long night

I think I will think twice
 before dumping my sensory bin out again

Mommy creates different sensory bins for me to play with.  I can play with the objects on the rug, but the beans have to stay in the bin. Usually she sits next to me and we play together, however she had to pull dinner out of the oven and when she got up to leave I thought it would be funny to break the rule. It was funny until  Daddy told me I had to pick them all up. I threw quite a fit and it took me an hour to put the beans back in the bin. Not fun.


  1. I saw this idea on Pinterest (and a few other blogs) and thought it was awesome, until I realized I would have to sit and actually monitor the girls using them. I'm on the search for a learning activity (aside from the TV) where I can actually give them some independence while using it :)

    Love the look on his face in that first picture!

  2. Sharon told me her trick. she puts the bin inside a rectangular storage bin ( the kind you put under the bed) and her kiddos sit in there with it. Contains the mess so she can walk away. I thought that was brilliant!