Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Party

These Valentine Balloons were awesome

I played with them a lot while I was there!


Sharing donuts and cake with Maddie

Uh Oh. You caught me playing house with pink toys...

Maddie's Mommy gave us all mailboxes to decorate for
our Valentine exchange!

I had a lot of fun decorating mine with stickers

Maddie giving me a Valentine!

Heart breaker to another Heart breaker
I crack myself up

Playing a heart game
We had lots of fun throwing the arrows in!

We all walked down to the pond to feed the birds
Our Daddies' thought that
 if they made bird calls, the birds would come a flockin

It didn't work.
They flew away terrified.

Keeping ourselves entertained while we wait for our Valentine....

She's worth the wait, but boy do I have competition!!!

I attended my first Valentine Party hosted by my friend Maddie and her Mommy. I had such a blast I didn't want to leave. I got along really well with the other boys despite Maddie's choice and affection for Lucas and Diego. Hopefully next year I will find my true love....

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