Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2011 Superbowl

 Mommy and Daddy bought Trophy cupcakes
for the Superbowl Party we attended.
They were absolutely delicious!

Can you guess who we were rooting for?

Mommy and Daddy rooting for the Patriots!
Too bad they lost.

I played in the playroom almost the entire Superbowl game
Mommy and Daddy were thrilled!

I LOVE this vacuum and am hoping Mommy and Daddy buy me one for my birthday.
 It lights up, makes noise, and even sucks things up!
I spent alot of time playing with it and wanted to take it home with me when we left
The Superbowl party was alot of fun although my favorite part was playing with Grace's vacuum. I really hope Mommy sees this blog post and remembers how hard I worked during the Superbowl party, cleaning and vacuuming. I really want her to buy me this vacuum cleaner!!

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  1. I love how he was so into that vacuum cleaner! Glad we got to spend the evening with you guys.