Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years - East Coast Time!

I like aiming high when it comes to basketball
Why just put one ball in?

My friend Caleb invited me over to ring in the New Year
with him and all our friends.
He is fun to hang out with and his playroom is AMAZING.
How could I say No?!

The slide is a great spot to hang out in,
especially with the older girls
I kinda have a crush on Grace...

Wow, that slide is fast!

I carried the Police car and Firetruck around
quite a bit that night.
I got a workout.

Playing with the balloons

Creating a path of destruction wherever I go

Daddy had to pull me away from the train set
to ring in the New Year

Chilling with my friends
ringing in the New Year,
East Coast time!!!
Mommy and Daddy's friends threw a New Years Eve Party, East Coast time! I got to stay up until 9pm with all my friends!!!!! It was epic. Mommy and Daddy especially loved it because they got to visit with everyone while I stayed busy playing with all the toys.

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