Friday, January 6, 2012

First Field Trip

Can you guess by my jacket where I went on
my first field trip?!?!?

My turn, my turn!

Checking out all the gear, supplies, and equipment

I was all smiles until the Fireman told us we
had to get out...

Pretending to be firemen on a rescue mission

Caleb and I posing in front of the firetruck.
I think we would make a great team.

I was thrilled when Mommy told me I would be going on my first field trip and it would be to the Fire Station!! I had to make sure I wore my Fireman raincoat while I was there. We started off the field trip with a safety video by Simon and Pumba from the Lion King. Afterwards we got to climb up in the firetruck, touch the equipment, and meet several firemen. One fireman even showed us his gear and how he puts it on! There were 10 kids under the age of 4 that were there with me. After our field trip ended, the Captain told our Mommys'  that we were very well behaved children. That made Mommy proud! It was a very fun day and I look forward to more field trips!

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  1. Yay! Glad you got to go! Our kids love the fire station tours. We've been on three in the past 2 years, to the same station :)