Saturday, April 28, 2012

Reptile Expo

I couldn't stop smiling when Mommy told
me that Daddy was coming over and
we were going to have a family day at the Reptile Expo!

I was SOOOOOO excited!

"Cool!" is what I said when I started
seeing all the lizards, geckos, snakes, turtles,etc

 I got to touch a big lizard

It was awesome!

Next we went to the snakes

I started touching a python and then....

the lady put a huge Python on my Daddy's arm!

I was a little concerned at first

but when I saw Daddy smiling, I started smiling too
The python was very friendly

It even crawled on Mommy!

Next was a tarantula...
Mommy is TERRIFIED of spiders
Daddy wanted to impress Mommy so
he asked the lady to put it on his arm

The guy behind the counter took this picture
because Mommy was several feet back, freaking out!
(She was impressed)

I thought this lizard's color was really cool

We grabbed donuts afterwards at our favorite donut shop
Mommy and I shared some giggles

Eating a frosted, sprinkled covered donut. YuM!

What a FUN day!

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  1. oh my word!!! You weren't kidding! The kids are sitting here going nuts. They cannot believe Mr. David held a tarantula! This place looks like it was so much fun.
    Also, the hawk on Gideon - pure awesomeness :)