Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Books to Grown On

Sshhhh! Quiet...
I  have something to tell you!
(I am copying the gorilla in my current favorite book)
See Below
Good Night Gorilla is part of a themed book series kit called Books to Grow On
You  can order the kit from the King County library - for free!

You get a big box full of themed books
 along  with hand puppets CD's,songs, craft  ideas,games, etc. 
Mommy checked out the ZOO theme for me

I wanted to tell you about how much fun
I have with the Books to Grow On kits,
so that your Mommy can check them out too!

Here is the link to order/place hold on a Books to Grow kit. http://www.kcls.org/bookstogrowon/
Seriously, they are awesome! Mommy likes them especially, since she can use them for homeschooling too when the time comes. =)


  1. This is SO neat! Thanks for sharing - I'm gonna look into this.

  2. They are fantastic Stef! They are in the process of updating their materials. Some of the kits still have vhs and cassettes...lol

  3. Wow - this is so awesome! Thanks for sharing. :-) We should make a library date!