Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trick or Treat

Daddy and Me Trick or Treating
Mommy and Daddy labored many hours creating Daddy's costume,
but it was worth it because Daddy
won 1st Place in a Halloween Costume Contest!

It was my first time trick or treating and I was SO excited..
Daddy was so popular that he slowed me down!
People kept coming up to him and asking if they could
take a picture or pose with him.
And then other times
his costume was so big, he couldn't fit between the cars
 or walk up the driveway.... 
I decided to practice my independence
and break away. Candy was calling me!

I got really good at knocking on doors.
I also developed a habit of knocking until they answered.
Group photo of everyone who joined us.
I had lots of fun and scored enough candy to last me a very long time!

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