Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Touch- A- Truck

Mommy and Daddy took me to the Touch-A-Truck event!

The event offered a hands on opportunity to touch and explore trucks
and vehicles of all different shapes and sizes and
also meet the people who build, protect, and serve our community


Daddy and I waited in line to take a tour of a sewer truck
I got to sit in the drivers seat and beep the horn!

Do you know what kind of  vehicle this is?

It's a Barbie Dream Hearse!
They converted the hearse into a quirky limousine

Mommy was so impressed with the Barbie Hearse
that she climbed inside with me and posed for a pic!

I love Fire Trucks!

They gave away free Cotton Candy at the event
I had never eaten it before, but as you can tell
from this pic - I thought it looked delish...

Oh, and it WAS!!!!


Daddy had a couple nibbles too

Can you tell I liked it?

last bite...



  1. Such fun memories you guys are making for him!!! Love it!

  2. Oh! Where was this? I so want to take the kids to one of these!