Thursday, June 28, 2012

Movie Nights!

Started a new tradition with my Mommy and Daddy
Movie Night!

Family photo

Cuddling with Mommy while watching Curious George 2

Daddy moved back home earlier this month, which I was thrilled about. I have been so happy, I can't begin to tell you!! One of the things Mommy and Daddy decided to do to bond us together was have a family movie night once a week. I have never watched a full length movie before so I was thrilled when Mommy suggested we watch Curious George 2. We popped popcorn, grabbed blankets, and cuddled on the couch together as a family. It was awesome and I sat through the entire movie! Last Saturday we watched, The Little Train That Could and this weekend I think we are going to watch, Oliver & Company - one of Mommy's favorites! Do you do a movie night with your family? And if so, do you have any movie recommendations?!

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  1. I love this. SO cute! And what a great idea. We used to do that every Friday and the kids loved it - we'd make homemade pizzas and watch a movie they picked :)