Monday, June 4, 2012

Fractured Arm

Yes, I am smiling after fracturing my arm
Trust me, having a cast on feels much better than before...
Guess how I did it?
Scroll down to find out!
Chilling on the couch before heading
back to the doctors to get my cast, re casted

They used a big saw to cut my other cast off.
It was really loud and started scaring me

but Mommy distracted me with watermelon
and then Daddy let me watch
Dora the Explorer on his phone

Watching the nurse finish up

I chose the lime green color myself!

I wish I could say I was taming a horse or defeating bad guys when I fractured my arm, but unfortunately I went down a slide and landed on my arm wrong. The doctors say it's a unique break.  I'm not very good at using doctor words but I basically fractured one of the bones between my wrist and elbow. The first cast they put on me was to keep me safe over the weekend until they could get me a more durable, long term cast at Children's Hospital. I will have to keep this cast on for 4 weeks.
It is difficult to climb now and I can't hold big toys like I used too. I also have to stay away from water, which is a HUGE bummer consider I LOVE bath time and playing in my water sensory bin. I also won't be able to participate at the water parks or go to the Children's Museum until it's off. Hopefully it will completely heal after the 4 weeks and I can go back to being a normal boy again!

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  1. Poor Gideon :(
    But he appears to be handling it quite well! I think its the hidden blessing of them getting injured when they're so young. Remember when Kara had the leg cast, from getting stuck between the bed and the wall? So crazy. But she healed up quickly since she wasn't quite 2 and only had the cast for two weeks instead of the dreaded 6-8.
    Here's hoping Gideon's is quicker as well!