Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Flubber - what can I say about it...? How about FUN?!!
The texture is off the charts!

Even though Mommy messed up on the EASY recipe and bought cheap glue,
didn't stir the mixture until it completely dissolved, and didn't strain out all the water,
it still came out super cool!

I spent a good 30 minutes, squeezing, rolling, cutting, and mashing it up!
Here is the EASY recipe if you want to give it a try.
 I would highly suggest
following the directions precisely and using Elmers glue so you get it looking like the picture posted in the original blog, unless
you don't mind yours looking like mine - scrambled eggs.. ;)


  1. Actually G, the glue was my fault! :( Sorry little buddy. Instead of getting the good stuff I grabbed a dual pack from the Dollar Tree. My bad.

  2. I'm glad you still had fun playing with the flubber though! You may not realize it now, but you're very blessed to have a mommy who loves you so much and is willing to find and work on such creative projects with you. Hope you and mommy have an awesome day together!