Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Remlinger Farm

Guess where I went?!
Remlinger Farm!!!!

I got to pet Pumpkin the pony and then
Daddy told me I could ride her!

Getting saddled up
On the trail

All Aboard!

I was so excited to go on a train ride with Mommy and Daddy

checking out the views!
I got to play in a school bus and sit behind the wheel


Mommy and I on the Cool Bus!
This is how I roll...

I am ready for my first set of wheels.
Driving this car was way easier than I expected...
so easy in fact, that I decided to drive one handed
and pose for a picture in the process!

Daddy was pretty proud that I drove the car myself
and wanted a picture with me

 Ferris wheel
The other kids were freaking out and I hopped right in ALL by myself!
Mommy got a little teary eyed and announced that
her big boy was growing into a little man.

up, up UP!!

Higher, Higher!
I didn't want to get off and actually threw a fit when Daddy
said it was time for other rides

I liked the carousel...
...but I was the only boy on the ride....
I decided a more scary ride was in order!
The Pumpkin
This went really fast and up and down

Canoe ride!
Really wanted to take home the duck

but Daddy said no

Climbed on some of the farm equipment

and then ended the day with a visit from Jack Sparrow!
Just kidding!


  1. haha! So cute. I love the last picture. Do they have these little rides and stuff every weekend, or was this something special? I'd love to take my kids there.

    1. I am pretty sure it is available every day until the 3rd week of September! We went on a Monday and it was fabulous. No lines!

  2. thanks!! I might take them today :)