Saturday, July 7, 2012

Busy Board

Helping Daddy create a Busy Board for me!

Almost done...

Putting the finishing touches on it

Peekaboo - I see YOU!

I use my Busy Board everyday
and it helps me with my fine motor skills
Daddy and Mommy found these pieces at Goodwill and then used them for my Busy Board
Can you guess what they all are?!

Pepper mill grinder, mirror, lever off a canning jar, timer,
and collapsible colander!

I have so much fun playing with it,
I even play with it in my crib!

Mommy was inspired by this blogger to create a busy board for me...Here is the original website where she got the idea: . Daddy purchased some wood, sanded it down, and then we took a trip to Goodwill where we purchased all sorts of contraptions. We came home, took them apart, and then I helped Daddy build my own Busy Board! I play with it almost every day and it helps me learn fine motor skills too!

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