Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fireman Gideon

Meeting a fireman!

Sitting in the fire truck

Getting to touch all the buttons and levers
Fireman Gideon to the rescue!
My very first raincoat!

Fireman Gideon at your service!
I met a fireman recently and got to sit in his firetruck, which was super cool. A couple weeks later I got a surprise gift in the mail from Mommy and Daddy. I opened it up and it was my very first raincoat - a fireman raincoat!!!I was so happy and excited to wear it that I threw a fit when Mommy said I needed to take it off and get ready for bed. I am looking forward to the many rainy days ahead so I can put my raincoat to good use. Thank goodness I live in Washington!


  1. Oh my goodness....how adorable. Love the raincoat. We have one for Maddie and she just loved being able to get wet in it at the ocean. Fun time!

  2. AH! SO cute! I love that he got to sit in the truck.
    We miss you guys! As soon as I get my meds and get better, we need a play date.