Friday, November 11, 2011

Beach time in November

No, I am not sitting on a beach in California or Hawaii in November.
One of the ways I like to be adventurous is by sitting in ice cold water
in Portownsend, Wa.

Mommy was afraid I would get sick or get hypothermia
so she told me I had to get out.

I'm just a tad bit wet...

One of my favorite things to do was throw rocks in the water.
Mommy and Daddy let me throw them anywhere and everywhere.
Some even landed  in my hair!

I like to test my limits - there, is this better?  
I have one boot and hand on dry land....

The house that Mommy and Daddy rented for their wedding anniversary had a private little beach in their backyard. It was awesome. I had a lot of fun collecting shells, throwing rocks, and getting very very wet. When it was time to go in, I had so much water inside my boots I could hardly walk!!

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