Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Magnets and a Baking Sheet

Mommy created an awesome magnet board in my room
using a baking sheet, wood crafts, and magnets
Daddy screwed the baking sheet into the wall and then
Mommy hot glued magnets to the backs of wood crafts
I love anything having to do with trucks, machines, and cars,
so I was thrilled when she chose these!

Mommy got the idea off an awesome website called Pinterest.
If you haven't joined -you should!
My life has gotten even better since my Mommy joined
this virtual pin board.
My favorite!!!


  1. I love Pinterest! Thank you so much for turning me onto this amazing addiction. This idea is so sweet, Love it :)

  2. this is so awesome, Sarah! Love it. Can he use magnets on the fridge, or is this more exciting? :)