Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Community Group

Our last Community Group meeting
with the Arnold Family as hosts

Reminiscing photos of the Arnolds and me.
Isn't Rachel pretty?

Rachel told me I needed to hold onto something
 other than her sister Kara's leg....Oops.

Ethan playing ball with me

Ethan helping me down a step.
 I hope that we can still hang out even though
he's moving so far away. 
I'm feeling sad. My friends Ethan, Rachel and Kara Arnold have been hosting our church's Fairwood Community Group at their house for a long time. This weekend however, they are moving far far away - all the way to the Renton Highlands! I'm super bummed because now I won't get to see them every Wed. night. I hope they stay in touch and don't forget about me. =(

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  1. I like how you said we're moving "far away" :-) we miss you guys already!!