Tuesday, October 29, 2013

God's Word is a Treasure - X

Week 1 of Tot School
Sensory Bin
Found all the X's hiding in the bin
Mommy had me go on a Treasure Hunt
I found my first treasure hiding under a pillow - The Bible
Second treasure was my monkey backpack, which
I discovered in a drawer in the kitchen

My third and final treasure was a treasure chest full of school supplies. 
Played with Playdoh and made lots of X's with my x stamp and cookie cutter
Had an X snack
Mommy gave me a box, paper, and glue to make a Pirate Ship
I had so much fun making it, I insisted that I eat my lunch in there!
We checked out Books To Grow On: Pirates from our local library and kept busy reading about pirate adventures and playing with the puppets that were included in the kit.

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