Monday, May 13, 2013

Fractured Elbow

On the same day that Mommy and Daddy surprised me
with this awesome bouncy house for my birthday, I fractured my elbow.
Go figure.
And no, it wasn't due to the bounce house...
I am Super G and run like the Flash.
I'm so fast that I can actually fly for a second -
unfortunately, I haven't nailed my landing yet....

I was not a happy camper when Mommy and Daddy took me to the ER
I HATED it and let everyone know I was terrified.
Thankfully Mommy and Daddy comforted me during my meltdown and
the doctors gave me a red beanie birdie to hold, which calmed my fears.

I adjusted fairly quickly to my splint.
Super G doesn't let a fractured elbow slow him down!

Thankfully though, I only had to wear it for three weeks.
 I am now splint free

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