Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Letter A - Alphabet

First Day at Hoffman Tot Academy!
My first week at Tot School, I learned the sounds/letters of the Alphabet
We read  the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book
from the "Books To Grow On" Alphabet Kit from the King County Library
 and then made a coconut tree craft.

We made it from  a toilet paper roll and letter stickers from Dollar Tree

Mommy wrote letters on the clothespins and I had to match the uppercase letters
with the lower case letters using the laminated Alphabet Sheet

It was tough for me to squeeze the clothes pins and clip them on to the matching letters.
I got tired of it quickly and went on to something else

I did the matching grid that Mommy printed off from:
That was fun!
Learning how to cut with scissors....

Alphabet Puzzle

Another Alphabet puzzle
Mommy and I sounded out the letters of the Alphabet
as we put the letters in

Alphabet Treasure Hunt
Mommy hid letters all over the house for me to find.
Once I found the letter, I used a marker and crossed it off my letter chart!

Mommy took a metal baking tray and drew letters on  it.
She then gave me alphabet magnets and had me match them up and we made the sounds of each letter as we matched them.

Huge alphabet floor puzzle!
Once we put it together, Mommy turned on some music
and we danced on it

Leap Frog Alphabet game
There are lots of fun games on this that help me learn
the sounds and letters of the Alphabet
The Letter Factory is a fun and great DVD when
it comes to learning the sounds and letters of the Alphabet

Playing yet learning at the same time

Making the V sound

Matching the sounds/letters of the Alphabet with pictures

During the week while we were running errands Mommy
played this CD in the car.
We read lots of Alphabet books from the Books to Grow On kit and used the additional teaching tools it provided.  Mommy and I are big fans of Books to Grown On... and the best thing of all?! The King County Library provides the kits for FREE!
   That concludes my first week of the sounds/letters of the Alphabet!! For free printables and great resources, please visit: http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.com/ or my Mommy's Pinterest Board - Sarah Hoffman, Homeschool

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