Monday, September 26, 2011

Train Ride

I was super excited to sit on the train
where it said, "Keep Off"
Was not a happy camper when Daddy took me off
I cheered up though when Mommy said I could sit
somewhere else on the train
While waiting for the other train to arrive, I decided to play
in the dirt. Had a runny nose...Can you tell?
Mommy freaked out when Daddy opened up the train window
and let me stick my head out
I met up with my best friends
Carson and Kaylee on the train.
(Mommy wasn't supposed to be in this picture with us)
Carson let me borrow his coonskin hat.
 I think I look like Davy Crockett! What do you think?
Had an awesome time with Mommy, Daddy,
my bestfriends, and their parents.
The train ride was a blast!

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