Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Playing ball!
Knees bent, butt out. Learning how to stay low when dribbling
Practicing' basketball looks' for my basketball card photo one day!
Mommy thought it was time to introduce me to basketball....I reminded her I'm only 1, but she said it's good to start early. She was addicted to playing when she was younger and wants/hopes that I will have the same passion as she did back in the day - minus the addicted part. I learned how to dribble and pass and Daddy put me on his shoulders so I could try shooting the basketball into the hoop. The basketball was pretty big and heavy so it was difficult for me. I ended up dropping it on his head instead. I got a good workout though and made Mommy proud!


  1. So cute! I would LOVE to see a picture of David right as the basketball landed on his head. :-)

  2. I love the part where he dropped it on David's head. LOL classic! Too bad there's no picture of that. :)

  3. that's so sweet! we are attempting to teach Jacoby how to play T-Ball and boy kids are cute when learning new things!